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Empty Rates Mitigation

Even vacant properties attract liabilities.

Empty rates mitigation covers proactive strategies for reducing business rates liability on empty commercial premises. Whether it is applying for exemptions and reliefs or looking at temporary occupation and alternative uses, it is important to carefully evaluate which strategies are most appropriate for your vacant property.


Most empty properties will attract an empty rate liability after an initial rate-free period of three months (or six months for qualifying industrial properties). There are some exceptions, but the main empty rate charges are the same as for occupied properties.


Our dedicated team of experienced professionals blends a combination of strategic planning, industry knowledge, and legislative expertise, making them uniquely placed to devise the ideal strategy to reduce your liability.


Don’t let the financial burden of vacant properties weigh down your business – be confident you will only pay what you need to.

Leverage our proficiency and vast experience


Undertaken on behalf of owners, developers and occupiers, our tailored strategies and successful rates challenges have helped our clients secure substantial savings. We’ll navigate you through the intricacies of mitigating empty rate liabilities with the following:


– Comprehensive assessments of your vacant property portfolio


– Bespoke empty rate mitigation strategies tailored to your unique circumstances


– Expert guidance on exemptions, reliefs, and legislative changes


– Proactive management of your business rates liability to maximise savings


– Ongoing support and monitoring

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